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Maggie Cassandra Warner

14th May, 2006. 9:05 am. I just turned 22!!! :D(maggiewarner)

I have had the most amazing birthday ever!!! :D It just totally rocked :o) I played a full concert, went to Disneyland & Paris, France & had an amazing birthday party!!! It feels so rockin' cool being 22 - I am so excited! :o) If you wanna know more about my birthday & see photos from my maggical days turning 22 <---> You can check out my 22nd birthday page by clicking on the image below:

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17th March, 2006. 10:15 am. Brand New Maggie Photos! :o)(maggiewarner)

Click on the photo below to check out Maggie's Spring Break Special:

Sweet, shy, single, young, happy & innocent singer Maggie Cassandra Warner [21] is currently enjoying her Spring Break & would like to share a bunch of special & cool photos of her doing some of the things she loves the most!!! :D

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20th June, 2005. 8:34 am. Welcome to Maggie Cassandra Warner's Live Journal Community! :D(maggiewarner)

Hey everyone! :o) Just wanted to welcome ya all to my Live Journal Community! I look forward to hear from everyone!!! Post your heart out 'n' have fun! :D

|Maggie Cassandra Warner|

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